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TeamTDM Event : Floor is Lava


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📆 2024-04-13 04:10:08 | 👁 32

Mini (Server Owner) hosted a floor is lava event on the Minecraft Server 04/12/2024 (Friday) and it was a huge success we had a lot of and wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for joining and allowing us to keep doing awesome stuff like that. Please let us know what else you would like to see (I'm aware you can't currently reply to this post I'll keep working on the website)

We had like 7 or 8 users on the server at a given time through out the event.

For those who missed it or couldn't come at the time of the event there are multiple point of views with the event that I want to take a moment to list and thank

You should join our Discord to be notified for future events like this one!

Thank you

~ ScrapBlox (Alec)

Remember to keep shining bright like a diamond :D :Troll:



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