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Friday 24th

Hello Everyone I want to let you know that Scrapblox will be hosting the event on May 24th because I am busy that day. The reason I will be busy that day is to celebrate my friend's birthday. I want to thank him for hosting the event for us. This event will be Hunger Games. All I ask while I am gone please be patient with scrap as this is his first time hosting an event in the sever Thank you again ~ MiniTDM. (The Owner)

1 Replies | Posted: 2024-05-16 16:05:48
By: MiniTDM

[Downtime] Downsizing and making more sustainable

Hey all! TeamTDM Network is currently down and will return soon. This is because one of the owners has stepped down to focus on more important things like education. Let's all give a massive and well deserved thanks to Atlantis Gaming. (Should be noted there is no bad blood between us were all still great friends.) MiniTDM and myself are stepping up to work past our acts of downsizing the server to make it back up and available to everyone. The reason for our acts of downsizing are to make sure we can last longer and continue to be up and running. It should come to no surprise that it's not free to run a minecraft server therefor we are downsizing to 6gb server and cutting out the use of Bungeecord which made it so we were running multiple servers. We also cut costs on our website side of things as we got a different web hosting plan. ___ There isn't a set time we will be back up and running but we hope to arrive to a Minecraft near you soon. Thank you for sticking with us

2 Replies | Posted: 2024-05-12 19:17:28
By: ScrapBlox

TeamTDM Event : Floor is Lava

Mini (Server Owner) hosted a floor is lava event on the Minecraft Server 04/12/2024 (Friday) and it was a huge success we had a lot of and wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for joining and allowing us to keep doing awesome stuff like that. Please let us know what else you would like to see (I'm aware you can't currently reply to this post I'll keep working on the website) ___ We had like 7 or 8 users on the server at a given time through out the event. ___ For those who missed it or couldn't come at the time of the event there are multiple point of views with the event that I want to take a moment to list and thank - MiniTDM's Livestream: - TeamTDM Network channel (Owner GamerMaster POV): - TeamTDM Member, Hype: ___ You should join our Discord to be notified for future events like this one! Thank you ~ ScrapBlox (Alec)

0 Replies | Posted: 2024-04-13 04:10:08
By: ScrapBlox

Why choose TeamTDM Network?

  • You should play TeamTDM Network as we have the following features:

  • DanTDM Npc Dr Trayaurus NPC, 11 Unique DanTDM Themed Music Discs (Coming To Bedrock Soon)

  • The Diamond Minecart

  • Both New Lab and old Lab

  • Dr Trayaurus Texture (Java Exclusive)

  • Grim Texture(Java Exclusive)

  • DanTDM Statue At Spawn

  • Thank you for reading more DanTDM related features will be added at a later date.